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Kate Holt - Tartan Otter



The fuel in our fire


Starting her career way back when following a degree in Event Management with Marketing in Cardiff, she followed her heart to a role working in Sales & Marketing at Cardiff Blues Rugby Club. Several years later, a relocation landed her in Worcester for a role with a marketing agency specialising in experiential marketing, events and branding dealing with major brands such as Red Bull, Jagermeister, Glenlivet, Bombay Sapphire and HomeServe.

Fast forward through a stint as a holiday rep in Cyprus, a banteriffic car sales woman and the happiest estate agent in Hereford, she found herself heading up a sales and marketing department for an independent company based in Herefordshire.

Now based in Shrewsbury, she’s at the helm of the Tartan Otter Group and loves a good brew. She never wears matching socks, is a closet darts fan and a life long lover of Fleetwood Mac.

Al - Tartan Otter





Al is in a unique position in web design, having been on three sides of the same fence. His extensive background in commercial radio, BBC and private clients over the years brings a true understanding of what is important in a website.

At various points over the last fifteen years he’s talked between records for money, almost reformed The Smiths (with Stewart Lee instead of Morrissey) and interviewed some of the biggest names in good music. He knows a lot about 90’s music, and is often caught fiddling with computers for fun.

It’s not just web tech that he can wrangle – whenever there’s a solution to a problem that no-one knew existed, he’s found a complicated and fun way to fix it.

He spent two months on a canal boat for the Olympics and he’s never done a push up in his life.

Barney Holt - Tartan Otter



First at the bar


Barney Rubble – Always in trouble.

4 + years experience in the field. Stealer of ham and cheese. Digger of holes. Champion napper. Once ate a whole kitchen chair. Adores peanut butter.

Snores loudly.

Rowdy - Tartan Otter


Head of Wellbeing

Doesn’t take no for an answer


40kg Show Labrador, born to a Crufts winning dad and a champion gun dog mum – so far top skills include stealing socks and early morning wake up calls.

Can set your clock by him when it comes to dinner time. Will eat ANYTHING. Intensely fears the vacuum.

Named after the taxidermy dog in the TV show Scrubs.

What We’re Made Of

Tartan Otter – there’s method behind our madness, but you’ll have to call us to find out what it is.

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