The Importance of Brand Guidelines

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Are you starting a new business? Trying to develop a brand or identity? It’s time we talked about the importance of brand guidelines. Brand guidelines are rules which unravel a brand’s identity. The guidelines are important because they convey messages about a brand, either internally or externally. They suggest distinct elements to the public, the brand’s affiliates, and team.

The 5-3-2 Rule

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If you’re scheduling and producing social media for your own business and brand and you’re NOT familiar with the 5-3-2 rule, it’s time to get acquainted! There are few rules when it comes to social media marketing – the obvious rules apply with almost every form of marketing, don’t be offensive, be inclusive etc but when it comes to the …

Is Coronavirus changing the face of social media?

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It was only weeks ago that social media was reeling from the news that Caroline Flack had taken her own life following a continuous and long standing campaign of hate and trolling through social media platforms. Far and wide, the hashtag and phrase, “In a world where you can be anything, be kind” was used to bat away the nastiness …

Prepare Your Business Contingency Plan for Covid-19

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In light of recent developments with regards to the Coronavirus, or more specifically, Covid-19, we felt it may be of some assistance to provide some thoughts on how to prepare your business for a continuity planning stage which may be needed in the coming weeks. Unfortunately, the UK Government have provided very few details regarding when the threat of outbreak …

Why Are Social Media Analytics Important?

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Social media is an integral part of marketing in the 21st century. Though some platforms are experiencing a drop in users, the majority of people still use at least one social media app or website on a daily basis. For businesses and website owners, analytics are a way of finding out who your posts are reaching and more importantly, how effective …

Do You Need A TikTok Account For Your Business?

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Social media websites seem to spring up all the time but while some become regular fixtures of our lives others quickly fade away after an initial boom of interest. TikTok isn’t exactly a new social media site but it is experiencing a rise in popularity. Many people confuse TikTok with and if you haven’t heard of the latter don’t …

Why Do I Need A Social Media Strategy?

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Social Media Strategy for Small Businesses Regardless of the size of your business, planning is a vital element for success. It’s tempting to put marketing on the back burner when you start up a small business because (understandably!) you’re excited about getting out there and selling your product or service. Things like social media strategies seem a little overkill at …

We Are Three!

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Happy Birthday to Us! Wow! Three whole years old! Time flies when you’re having fun! Goodness me, where to start! The last three years have been fantastic, whilst running a business is not always easy, it certainly has been a learning experience. I’ve assisted clients from all sectors, hairdressers to construction firms, dog walking clubs to wifi booster companies, architects …

Why the MIGHTY Hashtag is Your Social Media Must Have

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If you use any of the social media platforms you will probably have seen the hashtag at work; this little symbol transforms a key piece of information into a searchable marketing tool that immediately adds to your visibility and brand awareness. However, firstly it does need to be used correctly and follow hashtag etiquette, and secondly, these are not random …